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Barchester Green Investment is the UK’s longest established Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) specialising in socially responsible, environmental and ethical investment.

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“I would just like to thank you for giving me such really helpful advice. Really ethical service. Barchester Green Investment has the best team ever for service.”

“Barchester Green Investment have advised us since the mid-1980’s into good ethical lines of investment; so for us a clear conscience.”

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Can sustainable transport put your returns in the fastlane?

Formula-E, the new Formula 1 spin-off using only electric cars, came to London at the end of June with one of its major races for the year. It casts a spotlight on some of the exciting innovation and investment opportunities … Read more

The fossil fuel free debate is coming to the boil

Many clients have been approaching my investment firm, Barchester Green, with a similar question in recent weeks. To paraphrase the late, great Freddie Mercury: they want to break fossil free. Yet while some good options do exist for those wishing … Read more

The business case for saving energy and reducing carbon emissions

Mark Sait Every business in the UK – and every organisation and household – is anxious to reduce energy bills. But they are having to view their next steps through a confusing prism of carbon emissions reductions that the government … Read more