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Barchester Green Investment is the UK’s longest established Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) specialising in socially responsible, environmental and ethical investment.

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“I would just like to thank you for giving me such really helpful advice. Really ethical service. Barchester Green Investment has the best team ever for service.”

“Barchester Green Investment have advised us since the mid-1980’s into good ethical lines of investment; so for us a clear conscience.”

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There was good news for savers in July as the new ISA account – the NISA – came into existence. The new rules mean you can save more and be more flexible with your tax-free investments. This short Q&A offers … Read more

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Budget Briefing March 2014 – a useful budget for savers and investors

This budget included some very important changes to the UK’s ISA and pensions regime, making pensions more attractive for long-term tax-relieved savings and considerably increasing the amount which can be placed into ISAs. Pensions: changes to income drawdown Many people … Read more